Breaking Bad Episodes Trivia

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1) In what season does Walter White's cancer return?

2) What is the title of the Breaking Bad episode in which Walter and Jesse cook their first batch of meth?

3) In Season 1, Episode 4, what is the name of the man who Walter and Jesse rob?

4) In Season 1, Episode 6, what is the name of the bar where Jesse plays pool?

5) What is the name of Jane's father in Season 2, Episode 13?

6) In Season 2, Episode 15, what is the name of the meth addict who Jesse tries to help?

7) What type of car does Walt buy in Season 3, Episode 10?

8) What is the name of the high school where Walter teaches in Season 3, Episode 12?

9) How much money does Walter offer Saul Goodman in Season 4, Episode 10?

10) What is the street name of Walt and Skyler's new house in Season 4, Episode 11?

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